isn't just about baked beans. This CEO has launched several successful businesses, is an inspirational Mother and Wife, and treats her ongoing illness of MS as a fly in the soup of HER LIFE!  


As with all inspirational leaders, Stephanie is using her trial for triumph. You see it wasn't good enough for Stephanie to launch the best ever decadent and delicious gourmet side's company with food that will make you drool. She plussed it. Stephanie wanted purpose behind Belvedere Delectable's, so she created Belvedere Believes, a Foundation that will be the champion for all things MS.


Continuing to move forward, pushing back instead of giving in, she places at lot of emphasis on and feel very strongly that every day is a choice. Although extremely difficult at times she says having MS is not a death sentence but it is a life sentence.  Grateful for still having the gift of life, she chooses light over darkness despite the disease.