As Stephanie started to sell locally she listened to her customer base and realized that many felt the same way she did about feeling a lot of pressure to manage a work / life / family balance. Lack of time equaled grabbing fast food or bad foods for her family and this didn’t meet her goal of being the best mom and wife she could be.


 This was the catalyst that focused BD into providing families with what the really need; homecooked meals, that don’t skimp on quality, don’t break the bank, and can be on your table in 5 minutes


After distributing a press release to news outlets focused on Millennial Moms who have way too much on their plates, and how BD is going to help them, Whitmoyer was inundated with media requests. This topic truly resonated with talk radio and TV producers!
How can we help families have it all and do it all?" When Moms or Dads  rush into the store between home and work they can grab several home-made, never frozen, delicious Belvedere Delectable Sides, pick up a rotisserie chicken in the deli section, and get home to serve their family a wholesome meal.



-Belvedere Delectable’s CEO Stephanie Whitmoyer on set at OANN TV

One very special moment for Stephanie and her company was the invitation to sponsor TECN TV’s special feature presentation. During the showing, host Ken McKlenton, surprises viewers with his impromptu serving of eating Belvedere’s famous Baked Beans.  

A  momentous compilation of Stephanie Whitmoyer's talk radio guest appearances