8 Gourmet Side Dishes, 1 topping, 2 Desserts 

149.99 Free Shipping =(12.50 pp)


SweetApple Herb Stuffing

BakedBeans, Mashed Potatoes

GreenBean Casserole

SweetPotato Casserole

CheesyBroccoli Corn Casserole

BakedBrie Mac and Cheese

Rolls andGravy

Choice of two pies



10% of your purchase will be donated to help reach our goal of being

able to donate 1000.00 to the MS Society and Belvedere Believes


Can I pick and choose different options?

This is an all in one meal package made up of 8 sides, 1 topping and 2 desserts.  If there is a particular side that you are not interested in, we can double one of the other sides.  Dishes will be fully prepared/packaged with heating instructions in foil trays wraped in cooling packs and insulation. All you have to do is heat and serve!


Because we are offering fresh, non-frozen dishes; all orders will be shipped NOV 25, 2019 using 2 day shipping. You will receive your order NOV 27, 2019.  A tracking number will be provided to you.  If you are celebrating the holiday on a different day, please send us a message and we will do our best to accommodate getting an order together for you:)


Please be mindful of certain ingredients with in the dishes: 

Baked Beans: Contains Bacon

Sweet Potato Casserole: Contains Pecans

Sweet Apple Herb Stuffing: Contains Onions

Pecan Pie: Obviously Contains Pecans


We take pride in the magical moment of when you take your first bite. Our style of homecooking is full of flavor; we do not shy away from sugars, salts or other types of seasonings.


What if I don’t’ like the food?  

We sincerely hope this is not the case. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds based on that reason alone. We are not able to ensure that everyone will like everything.


What if the food is not edible or able to be eaten due to a problem during shipping?

If spillage has occurred or the containers have been ruined for some reason, we will refund that individual dish. We do require immediate notification and a picture of the damaged item. Immediate is considered to be no later than 2 hours after delivery notification. 


How long will my left over last?

On average, we recommend that you not eat leftovers past 3 days.