Life changed for Stephanie Whitmoyer in the summer of 2013. She learned she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Over time she has experienced a decline in mobility, along with extreme bouts fatigue, forgetfulness and cognitive changes. 


In spite of that, she rises. Even though she’s faced with adversity everyday, she choses to believe in purpose, positivity, and hope.  Which is why it is So Stephanie to make her Gourmet Company something of purpose. Something that will make the world a better place. Something that will make you feel good as a consumer. Aside from producing some of the most magical tasting side dishes you will ever have, Belvedere Delectable’s will be the champion for all things MS with the establishment of the Belvedere Believes fund. BB will be at the forefront of supporting research, helping families in need, and promoting awareness. Committed to believing in hope Belvedere Delectable’s will donate 5% of it’s earnings to Belvedere Believes.